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    Jeff Charlton

    Whether were buying holidays, building an extension or even cars we usually look for competitive costs and quotes.
    Have you ever phoned a travel agent and asked for a cost of your next holiday? They would probably ask ”Where do you want to go, when, how many people”
    Have you ever called a car front and asked how much a car? They would probably ask , How many wheels, doors, engine size, make, model”
    What about how much my extension? How many floors, when, how many rooms , size etc”
    You have the picture and now consider asking for a a cost on a subject which has detailed technical requirement’s such as an illness. Imagine the response you would get if you made a call to a private doctor and said how much to cure me?

    I am making this point because so often people ask for the cost of a survey and then say I can get it cheaper elsewhere. The result is usually a survey by an unqualified person with no experience, limited tools and equipment but a really good web site.
    I’m thinking of a surveyor who recently set up with only a two day training course and limited equipment but with a great web site saying all the right things and actually stating they were a leading expert in the field. The result was a nice looking report with wrong and misleading information which led to the client moving out, throwing away all their possessions.
    It can get worse when the sales and marketing skills of USA based companies sell franchises and products to willing partners in the UK. Typically magic fogs and chemicals that kill everything on touch but actually contaminate the property and increase occupant illness.
    The reality is asking for a quote is normal but providing a scope to compare costs is essential if you want to compare like for like.

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