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    The client looked at the market and saw a “Dry Fogging” process was available. The description of the results was glowing and all from a dry fog taking less than an hour.
    It was explained the dry “Special fog” entered cavities and neutralised the spores, and cavities the fog couldn’t get into the spores wouldn’t be able to escape.
    Incredibly the company didn’t identify the water damage that caused the mould growth. As this was a long term shower leak inside a plasterboard cavity it was almost certain a toxic mould would be present, which it was.

    Building Forensics were asked to sample the air before and after the treatment and found the contamination levels had actually gone up.
    The contractors returned and did another free fogging and convinced all was now OK I was asked to return and take air samples again. As a CIRS patient I rarely enter a home without PPE but I thought I would be OK for a 20 minute visit to sample air. Unfortunately the exposure resulted I couldn’t talk without a stutter and words the wrong way around which lasted 48 hours.
    I don’t appreciate contractors that put people at risk and me in particular.
    Bottom line is dry or wet fogging doesn’t work, and while Hydrogen Peroxide is often used by professionals its in a vapour phase and requires a 4 day treatment in an empty home
    Equally trying to decontaminate without resolving moisture issues and removing mould reservoirs is a waste of time.

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