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    Jeff Charlton

    I can’t believe how many people cannot afford the extortionate costs of decontamination but won’t consider doing it themselves.
    As someone diagnosed with CIRS and brain atrophy I still manage to survey contaminated homes because of one significant point. I wear the proper PPE.
    Many people can’t enter their own homes without feeling the effects of mould and believe there is no hope. This simply isn’t true, and we all have been misled by the manufacturers of masks with their false claims and failure to alert the wearer to the limitations in use.
    The reality is an orinasal (nose/mouth) respirator provides almost no protection and mould sufferers must wear full face respirator.
    There is no doubt inhalation is the greatest threat, but skin absorption is an unnecessary risk and nitrile gloves and disposable suit must be worn. Never wear the gloves or suit twice because you’re just recycling the contaminates you initially prevented.
    Remember eyes and ears are exposure routes and orinasal masks always leak around the edges and when you talk or move your head.
    Once you are properly protected there is no reason why you cant do a professional cleaning job.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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