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    Before anyone thinks of successful decontamination, you should consider what is the target or goal of success?
    In contractor training I sprinkle a powder onto surfaces that luminesces under UV light as a trace test
    I take a cushion and ask students to hoover with the most powerful, type H HepA vacuum cleaner , then ask them to hoover again and again.
    I then take a particle counter and measure dust in the air before slapping the cushion. Levels multiply by several levls of magnitude.
    I ask them to hoover again and this time I slap the cushion with a tennis racquet. of course the meter goes off scale and everyone wonders what went wrong. Now I shine the UV light onto the students and guess where the trace dust is?
    This should alert anyone to the issues of what is clean and how you measure it.
    Soft furnishings that have has active mould growth should usually be disposed off
    Hard surfaces can be cleaned but this requires dust suppression and control during works.
    It should be remembered that Mycotoxins , (if a concern) are not water soluble so alcohol cleaning regimes should be considered. I recommend a litre of cheap vodka diluted 7 :1 and use of disposable cleaning swabs

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