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    I have two Peer reviewed published papers, both guided with Dr Shoemaker which show over 30 possible triggers for the symptoms of mould illness.
    We should however, all recognise that 10 years ago doctors would blame ME, Mental health issues, Lyme, or any symptoms that matched conventional medicine. If it didn’t match, it was, in their opinion, psychosomatic. My doctor told me to buy a book on how to improve my self image when I couldn’t walk or talk properly due to a massive mould exposure. At a medical conference in USA in July 2023, I saw an even bigger mould illness picture has emerged, which included vegetables that have developed over millions of years to poison carnivores as a self defence mechanism. Cooking oils that we use which are expensive but rancid and inflammagens.
    Many of the healthy foods we eat may actually be increasing our mycotoxin intake and urine tests are possibly flawed.
    When building related illness is suspected, it might not be mould but bacteria or even chemicals.
    Remember Sick Building Syndrome? This was blamed on ventilation, and was when investigated usually comes up with the wrong analysis. Even today if you speak with a qualified (in the wrong profession) occupational hygienist, they will measure carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particle counts, temperature and humidity and possibly TVOCs, which basically has been the bedrock of investigation into SBS. Today even the homeowner would recognise the shortfalls of this and request mould and bacteria assessments too.

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