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    Clients in North London were affected by a burst water main. The water ran through soil, through drains, sewers and over gardens to flood basements. Clients were tricked by the water company, loss adjusters, Insurers and their solicitors all of whom said it was a clean water event and not a health risk. Unfortunately 2 years on people got sick and Buiding Forensics were asked to investigate.
    It appears the insurers, loss adjusters and Thames water didn’t use qualified people and nobody received a drying or sanitation certificate. In fact there was a total disregard for legal requirements of CDM , CoSHH and British Standards. When we provided evidence of contamination and the fact the buildings were still wet we were faced with letters from Chief executives of solicitor companies who suggested we were wrong. Simple isn’t it, what environmental qualification did this fool hold and prove its safe.
    I cant believe the extent of incompetence of all people involved and how blatant it was.

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