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    After seeing Jeff listing off symptoms that I have, on the BBC 2 programme, Uncanny, I went to see my Doctor about Mould Toxicity. The Doctor wants to know which Mycotoxins should I be tested for.
    I developed ME/CFS four months after moving in to a mouldy house, in 1999. I was officially diagnosed in 2000. The period terraced house did not have proper ventilation and had a stone floor. I had black mould on the walls and my clothes smelled musty and sometimes stained if left in a drawer for a few months.I moved out of the property in 2019 and now live in a new build first floor flat. But my symptoms have not changed. My furniture still smells musty even after cleaning with bleach. I have been exposed to mould for just over 20 years and grew up in mouldy council houses. I have all year round Rhinitis since I was a child.

    Many thanks

    Jeff Charlton

    Many people do a urine test for mycotoxins, typically with Great Plains and Real Time labs in USA. They always come back with something. The real issues are inflammagens and they can be minute but often associated with mould and bacteria
    Be very careful about Mycotoxin testing a negative doesn’t mean anything and if its positive it still means little
    The real test is for blood markers and I doubt your doctor is a toxicologist.
    I went to University College London hospital where they tested me and said I have no allergic reaction to mould when in fact it was an inflammatory response. Check out http://www.Survivingmold.com

    Jeff Charlton

    It depends what test the doctors are willing to do
    Urine tests are the norm but not much use. WE offer them but only if requested by medical practioner helping the client
    Blood tests are far better and more useful.

    Real Time Labs and Great Plains offer Urine tests at relatively low cost but again be warned of usefulness.
    Many of the mycotoxins identified in urine come from food we eat

    If you visit Building Forensics web site there is a lot of information on mycotoxins and what specific ones target certain areas or organs


    Hi Jeff,

    The blood tests that you say are more useful – do you have a list of which things to test for and if so, are the tests available within the UK? My GP is trying to help me and all of my inflammatory markers shoot up with any exposure to damp/mouldy buildings. I had very high levels of IgG aspergillus fumagatus antibodies in my blood. I would like to get some of the blood tests recommended on the Surviving Mold site but my GP says she cannot access those herself and I do not know where to go. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

    Best wishes,


    Jeff Charlton

    I suggest you speak with Lab Corp in USA
    They may need blood spun and sent refrigerated
    There may be clinics in Germany

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