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COVID 19 and Immune compromised or Long Covid

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Following COVID and lock down, many immune compromised or those suffering CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response) may recognise an increase of symptoms. Long Covid is  now a recognised illness and  has similar effects to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome  (CIRS)

The lockdown is now known to have reduced normal exposure to everyday germs and virus and our immune systems may not have been as challenged and kept up to date. If we now add the increased risk of chronic exposure during the lock down to bacteria, mould and other pathogens in our home  we see a health risk develop.


Improving air quality

Opening windows and creating cross ventilation is a first step but we may be able to improve indoor air quality with an air and surface sanitation service.

If you do suffer respiratory illness , Long Covid or have CIRS diagnosed we can offer a risk reduction protocol .

Risk reduction should not be confused with decontamination which can be extremely expensive

Adapting our “Airscrub” and toxic mould decontamination protocol we are providing a sanitation service which uses a chemical misting process utilising chemical sanitisers approved by EPA, CDC Civil Aviation Authority China.

The air is filled with a mist which causes airborne contaminates to conglomerate through  electrostatic attraction. Precipitation  follows and  particulates simply rain out of the air to settle in a sacrificial film which holds the contamination , thereby preventing re aerosolization as moisture evaporates.

the glycerine film holds the fallen particles for 4 days and the client must clean all horizontal surfaces with damp swabs to clean surfaces.

The process takes about 2 hours  in the average home but the property must remain unoccupied for two hours. a

Building Forensics provides this service so please visit for more information.

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