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COVID 19 and Immune compromised or Commercial clients


In these times of COVID19 and lock down, many immune compromised or those suffering CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response) may recognise an increase of symptoms

If you have historic or current water damage or mould and biological issues, the first step is of course removal, followed by dilution and reduced exposure from airborne (inhalation) risks.

Here are some DIY tips to help you reduce exposure by ventilating your home.


An obvious way to ventilate your home is to open the windows. Ideally, you want to create ‘Cross Ventilation’ that brings fresh air into your property and carry contaminated stale air out. If possible, try to open all windows and doors at the front and back of your home and keep all internal doors open, so to create air flow.


If, for some reason, you’re unable to open your windows (safety reasons or you’ve lost the key to the double glazing) check the windows for trickle vents and make sure they are open!

Air Vents

You’ll be amazed how many homes we visit that have their air vents closed. Blocking air vents to keep the heat inside and animals/insects outside is an all too familiar sight. Have a look around your home for air vents and make sure they are open!

Improving air quality

Opening windows and creating cross ventilation is a first step but we may be able to improve indoor air quality with an air and surface sanitation service.

Designed specifically for COVID 19 self isolating clients we have developed the following service.

Adapting our “Airscrub” and toxic mould decontamination protocol we are providing a sanitation service which uses a chemical misting process utilising chemical sanitisers approved by EPA, CDC Civil Aviation Authority China.

The air is filled with a mist which settles out onto surfaces, thereby providing a twofold sanitation process of air and surfaces.

The process takes about 30 minutes in the average home but the property must remain unoccupied for two hours and we recommend following re-entry you wipe down often used surfaces such as door handles.

Building Forensics provides this service so please visit for more information.

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