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Is it really mould illness?

By October 5, 2023No Comments

Mould and in particular mycotoxins are often blamed as the significant trigger for building related illness and in particular CIRS but are these the true culprits?

In  reality, the built environment (our home) has become the ideal environment for a very wide range of human pathogens. These,  together with chemical inflammagens can result in various forms of systemic and  neurological issues resulting in leaking gut to penetration of the blood brain barrier. Ice pick headaches may be a pain but may also be an indicator of brain inflammation, the diarrhoea and or IBS may  be another warning. Gynaecology  issues such as missing period or early or late menopause may be further warning or alerts that endocrine disruptors are at work.

It is now recognised other contaminates in the home may have a greater influence and mould may be responsible for less than 12% of symptom causation.

While Mycotoxin tests invariably show presence in urine, again these may only be part of the overall exposure and discussions with qualified Indoor Enviornmental Hygienists my be an important step to identifying the best course of action regarding testing and analysis. Building Forensics specialise in Building related illness and your should make special point of  explaining our needs rather than simply requesting a mould test.


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