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Brain damage from mould identified by Neuroquant

By January 7, 2020October 5th, 2023No Comments

This 3-dimensional MRI brain scan shows 6 areas of brain atrophy and one area of inflammation. This was caused by exposure to toxins, heavy metals and or early stages of Dementia /Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s, ME and even Alzheimer’s can now associated with mould exposure.

Diagnosis can be expensive and the benefits are usually only to identify if treatment is working.

A cheaper way to recognise if treatment is working, maybe you feel better

Brain inflammation is caused by chemicals usually and sometimes mistakenly known  as mycotoxins but can be others breaking through the usually impermeable blood brain barrier.

From my work in contaminated homes,  my exposure has led to my brain has being  inflamed and this has resulted in various mis diagnosis at NHS and leading European hospitals, a short list here:

  • Not allergic to mould (University college) based on a worthless allergy test that doesn’t include toxic effects. (referred because I couldn’t speak)
  • Two heart attacks and put in Intensive care . All data showed Heart failure but hospitals acknowledged an anomaly (caused by known mould) Princess Louise Hospital and Hospital Helicopter Sanitarios  Spain)
  • Hospitalised Two strokes and two separate brain bleeds, all  false alarms
  • Left and right knee both told inflammed and painful due to arthritis and booked for two separate knee replacements 7 years apart and neither operation needed as Inflammatory response was causation and cured (knees now both normal  size and no pain)
  • Urgent use of Steroids due to likelihood of going blind within 24 hours following blood test . Told  to immediately go to nearest chemist anywhere and doctor would send prescription for 60 mg Predisone.
  • My daughter diagnosed with advanced aggressive Leukaemia . Ambulance ordered by University College hospital for collection for urgent radio and chemo therapy treatment. Halted by Jeff Charlton after identifying toxigenic mould in bedroom which turned off immune system. (the mould used as WMD by USA military) Full and total recovery within 6 weeks of avoidance) A miracle according to doctors!!


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